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We the people. 

Christmas in My Family

I’m reading a book in my room. My dad comes in all excited and says:

"I decided to get Erika back for the way she wrapped presents for her Christmas party by triple wrapping her present. I couldn’t find the packing tape with the strings, but I covered it in packing tape to make it as difficult as possible to open."

He leaves, and 5 minutes later my mom comes in my room and says:

"You wanna hear a Christmas joke? Your father triple wrapped the pants we got for Erika."

"He told me."

"Well here’s the part you’ll think is funny…I bought the wrong size…so he has to exchange them." 

Reverse Racism…

A black guy got on the elevator, so I put my hand in my pocket.

He said “Oh, so you think I’ll rob you because I’m black?”

I pointed the gun at him and said, “What…you think I won’t because I’m white…?”

Gay Rights vs Civil Rights

Are there differences between the gay rights struggle and civil rights struggles of the past? If so, what are they?

In many ways, the struggle of an LGBT community within a state is very similar to the struggle of a racial minority. Both are cases of human rights, plain and simple. The difference for the LGBT community is that it caused by a conflict of beliefs rather than physical features. Debating beliefs is similar to fighting a ghost. No matter how hard you swing, you can never hope to actually damage it. This actually makes the Gay Rights struggle more comparable to the crusades than anything else…

Secularism vs Democracy…

What, if any, is the connection between secularism and democracy?

Secularism and democracy in practice are nearly identical. The only difference I see in them is that Democracy has a better marketing department. 

In Secularism, the illusion of power is placed on a separate entity from the self. The congregation recognizes the power structure and allows themselves to be ruled by it, where people will inherently fear their oppressors. 

In a Democracy, the customer is convinced they are in charge. Because of this, they end up loving their oppressors. This brings you back to the old adage: “Is it better to be loved or feared…?”

Politics in a Nutshell…

What can be learned from comparing political behavior and outcomes across countries?

In comparing the politics of different states, the first thing you must do is compare their surveying measures. Once you have deduced how each surveys their populace and taken into account the geographical and socioeconomic effects, you can come up with more accurate comparisons between the political behavior of each region. You can then build models to see how each different behavior can affect different government types, and go further down that road for any types of comparisons you want.

If you do this correctly, then you can essentially build proactive quality control plans for your own government to ensure you can weather any types of risk. When applying this basic business process to a government, you can more effectively manage the outcomes of any types of unrest within your municipality.

Separation of Church & State

Question: Think about the phrase “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency and the inclusion of God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Where does the American state stand in relation to the role of religion in the public sphere?

It’s amazing to me how blatantly obvious we are about blending church and state within the US. Your question alone contains 2 of them. My personal favorite is that I have voted every 2 years since I turned 18 in 1998. Only 1 time did I not vote in a church. How in the world can we say we separate church from state when we have to go into a church to vote? The other time was at a school. I don’t see any problem with voting in a school. By placing the community poll within a church, how are you not discriminating against those groups the church does not approve of? This is one of the most blatantly obvious forms of voter discrimination I have ever even read about. 

In Russia, they’re at least decent enough to just have the ruling party win by a landslide. That way everyone who voted for the other party will think their numbers are small and will keep quiet about it. Personally, I would prefer that if my government were lying to me they at least weren’t so cocky about it that they flaunt it in my face.

My Discussion Post for My Online Class…in Education…

I wish I could be brief, but this teacher makes us just draaag these responses out in order to get credit for them. It’s not that you didn’t do a good job. You actually did. I read your post. I liked it…you know what…can I just break the 4th wall for a minute and be honest…? I actually didn’t read it…I’m just checking to see if this teacher actually reads this stuff…or if I’ll get credit for a 100 word response that has nothing to do with anything for this class…because I am soooo bored…out…of…my…mind…It feels like I may have made this response long enough by now…so I hope I made you smile as much reading this…as I did writing it…Enjoy the rest of your evening…It’s been a pleasure…I’ll be here all day…cramming at the last minute for the final…